Inclusions, Exclusions, and Terms

We at Mighty Charming Photography are very proud of the photos that we take of you and your event, whatever it may be. We hope that you will be happy with your photos, and we think that you will be.

In order for everyone to be happy and satisfied with our process, please read and understand the very brief caveats listed below. You will be asked to state that you have done so before you can enter in to any contract with us.

1) Payment

All packages are subject to a 20% NON-REFUNDABLE deposit which is due upon booking. Your session or event will not be considered booked until this payment is received.

The other 80% of your payment is due no less than 48 hours PRIOR to the start of your session or event, or it will be proactively considered cancelled. With the exception of a no-show on our part, all payments (once made) are final and are non-refundable.

2) Image Review

All packages include basic colour correction, lighting/brightness correction, and other image improvements. Unless otherwise explicitly noted and included as a paid-for add-on, full Photoshop correction is not available in any case, though recommendations for 3rd party digital artists may be provided depending on your needs.

3) Deliverables

Though even short photo sessions and events may result in several hundred photos being taken, the final number of photos to be delivered to you, the customer, will always be significantly fewer. The number of photos depends on the package and upgrade which was purchased. Please note that however many photos are delivered to you, they are the best quality photos that were produced during the period that we spent together.

Your final photo product will be delivered digitally between TWO (2) AND FOUR (4) WEEKS via an unlisted gallery on our photo hosting platform ( and will be password-protected by default. These photos can be shared directly via the URL that you are provided or can be downloaded by you at any time within your gallery either photo-by-photo or by downloading the entire gallery.

You can also order prints of your images from within your gallery to be delivered directly to your home. SmugMug contracts only with the best print houses in the world and quality is some of the best in the world.

NOTE: We do not provide RAW "digital negatives" of your photos with our packages. If you would like these RAW files, they may be available in certain circumstances, however they will need to be negotiated for PRIOR to the event and will need to be written in to any contract.

4) Ownership

Pursuant to copyright law, the ownership of all photographs that are taken by Mighty Charming Photography remain the intellectual and creative property of the photographers at Mighty Charming Photography. All rights to fair and personal usage are granted to our clients upon delivery in return for payment, however ownership neither explicitly nor implicitly transfers .

5) Disclaimers

While Mighty Charming Photography will make every ongoing effort to ensure the satisfaction of all of our clients at every step, we are unable to 100% guarantee this satisfaction. If you have concerns before contracting with us, we recommend that you review our galleries to ensure that you enjoy our style and work product. If you are uncertain, we are happy to discuss any concerns that you may have.

Again, all deposits and payments are non-refundable with the exception of no-shows on our part.